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Bunions & Toe Deformities

Bunions, Stiff Big Toe Joints + Toe Deformities

Cooper and Lourie Family Podiatry offer a number of different treatment options which can help reduce painful symptoms associated with bunions and that have been shown to slow the progression of the deformity.

What are Bunions?

Bunions are basically osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis) of your big toe or fifth toe joint. As the arthritis progresses the affected toe will start to dislocate and move away from the midline of the body, causing a bump to form at the side of the joint. Such movement of the big toe can have an effect on your second toe, which frequently develops a hammer toe deformity. Bunions are one of the most common conditions that we see in our clinic. The most common reasons a person seeks treatment is because of:

  1. Pain in the joint
  2. Difficulty finding comfortable shoes that accomodate the deformity
  3. Cosmetic embarrasment

Bunions are caused by osteoarthritis that affects the big toe or little toe joint. They are genetic and result from the foot type and function that you inherited from your parents. Bunions can be an unsightly condition which can cause embarrassment as well as pain, discomfort and difficulty in findings shoes that fit or that are comfortable.

Stiff Big Toe Joints

Like bunions, hallux limitus/rigidus (Stiff big toe joints) is caused by osteoarthritis in your big toe joints. If your foot is not functioning properly or your foot is structured in a particular way, it can cause the joint to become overloaded which results in the joint wearing out, reduced motion and subsequent development of pain. You may also notice extra hard skin developing underneath your big toe which is also a sign that movement is restricted and that more force and pressure is travelling through the joint.

Toe Deformities

Toe deformities include hammer toes, claw toes and mallet toes. These conditions can be the result of abnormal foot function, footwear, trauma and systemic pathologies. They can cause individuals alot of embarassment, pain and suffering, especially if they are wearing footwear that increases the pressure over the affected toes. Signs that a toe deformity is causing underlying damage to your toe joints include:

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