Common Foot Problems

Running and Sports Injury Management Innaloo

Running and Sports Injury Management Innaloo

Did you know that each time your feet have to absorb up to 4 times your body weight? Running is becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise among the people of Perth. However when you run, your feet have the responsibility of absorbing the increased impact forces. When your feet aren’t functioning as they should, it can place undue stress on the bones, ligaments and tendons of the ankle, leg, knee, hip and lower back. This can result in pain and ultimately an injury which may take you away from your favourite sport.

Being a runner herself, our Podiatrist Dr. Stephanie Cooper has an increased understanding about the relationship between running and foot problems, knowing all too well what can happen if your feet let you down. In her opinion prevention is a way better alternative than sustaining an injury that causes you to have to stop running altogether.

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Risk Factors for Injury

  1. Tight muscles (calf, hamstring and quadriceps)
  2. Poor foot function (flat or high arched feet)
  3. Poor conditioning (doing too much activity too fast)
  4. Inadequate warm up and cool down during running
  5. Previous injuries
  6. Inappropriate footwear or footwear that is too old

How Foot Structure and Posture Can Increase Your Risk of Injury

If you have an arch that is excessively flat (flat feet) or excessively high (high arched feet) it prevents you from absorbing shock effectively. As a result, the shock gets transmitted up into the muscles, ligaments and joints in your feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and lower back. Injuries which result from faulty foot structure are usually chronic (or overuse) in nature and may start off as a mild ache and niggle before becoming more noticeable.

Common Running Injuries

Running injuries may start off as aches and pains which come and go and may not be that noticeable. As time passes and the injury develops further, you may notice increases in the severity of the pain you are experiencing. Sometimes the pain can become so severe that it will prevent you from running.

  1. Calf tears
  2. Achilles tendinitis/tendinopathy
  3. Plantar fasciitis (heel spurs)
  4. Sesamoiditis
  5. Lower back pain
  6. Patello-femoral pain syndrome
  7. Morton’s neuroma
  8. Shin Splints

If you love to run but are finding that your feet are letting you down, it’s best to get the problem checked out by our Podiatrist. Dr Stephanie Cooper provides all of her patients with comprehensive examinations in order to provide treatments which are tailored their needs. If you would like to book an appointment you can call us on 0448242856 today

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