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Bunion Treatment Innaloo

Bunion Treatment Innaloo

If you suffer from bunions you know how uncomfortable they can be. On top of this, as the bunion progresses and the front of your foot widens, it can make it even harder to find shoes that fit comfortably.

Why do I Have Bunions?

  • Many people believe bunions are the result of poor shoe choices, however, shoes are only partly to blame
  • The main reason people develop bunions is genetic
  • If one of your parents has suffered from bunions you have a 50% chance of inheriting the condition
  • How is the condition inherited?
  • You inherit a foot type that works in way that causes abnormal stresses to be placed over the big toe joint when you walk
  • Overtime, this increase in stress causes wear and tear arthritis in the joint, which is why the big toe joint gradually enlarges.
  • Foot types that can cause bunions include excessively flat feet or feet with an excessively high arch

How to Treat Bunions

  • The good news is that if you reduce the stresses and strains placed through your big toe joints you can actually slow down the progression of your deformity and even prevent the need for surgery down the track in some cases.
  • The main way that podiatrists can help reduce the pain from your bunions and prevent worsening of your deformity if through the use of custom foot orthotics.
  • We¬† will also provide you with advice on the best shoes to wear to ensure you are comfortable when you walk.

How do custom foot orthotics help bunions?

  • Bunions are caused by abnormal foot structure (biomechanics) such as flat and high arched feet.
  • If you correct the abnormal foot structure through custom foot orthotics, you will relieve the pressure on the big toe joint which helps to take the stresses and strains off the joint to relieve pain and prevent any more wear and tear to the joint.

Will Custom Orthotics fit into my shoes?

  • many people shy away from orthotics because they have been prescribed bulky, thick and restrictive orthotics in the past which can only fit into a very limited range of shoes.
  • However at Cooper and Lourie Family Podiatry, we can make you fashion friendly orthotics which are slim, lightweight and easy to transfer in and out of a variety of shoe styles.
  • Our patients have been able to fit their orthotics into most ballet flats and even some high heeled shoes.
  • If you would like to learn more about slim custom orthotics you can call us on (08) 92428566 today!

Will Custom Foot Orthotics Reverse the Bunion Deformity?

  • No, as bunions are arthritis of your big toe joint the only way to reverse the deformity is through surgical intervention.
  • However, many people find that wearing orthotics in their shoes is enough to settle their symptoms down and allow them to continue living an active and pain free lifestyle.

If you live in Innaloo, Gwelup, Karrinyup, Osborne Park, Woodlands or Stirling we would love to help treat your bunions. If you or anyone you know suffers from bunions, please call our Innaloo practice on (08) 94461887 to book an appointment today! We look forward to meeting you.

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