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Effective Heel Pain Treatment Innaloo

If you are currently suffering from heel and arch pain you know exactly how painfully annoying it can be. Many people that visit the practice with heel pain will have often tried one or two different treatments like stretching, massage or gel insoles to only find a slight improvement in their symptoms. In order to treat heel pain effectively, it’s critical that you treat the underlying reason/s why you developed the pain to start with.

In many instances, there are multiple reasons why a person develops heel pain. At our practice we would first start the journey to recovery by taking a detailed history and performing a thorough physical examination to determine the exact reasons why you developed the condition.

Once we have identified the risk factors, we can provide you with the most effective forms of treatment tailored to the cause of your symptoms.

Some of these treatments include

  1. Mechanical support

    • This support comes from a combination of supportive footwear and additional arch support
    • It is common to find that supportive footwear is not enough completely offload the plantar fascia so it can heal.
    • Often heel pain is the result of poor foot mechanics, such as having an excessively flat arch
    • The flat foot type causes the plantar fascia (the ligament that runs along your arch) gets put under excessive stress and strain which then causes the painful heel and arch symptoms
    • Unless you correct the poor foot mechanics, it is unlikely that your symptoms will go away completely
    • Orthotics that are made specially for your feet tend to be longer lasting, more comfortable and slimmer so you don’t necessarily have to throw away your current shoes.
  2. Stretches that target BOTH the calf and the plantar fascia

    • As the Achilles tendon of the calf muscle is continuous with the plantar fascia, if the calf muscle becomes tight it will cause additional stress on the plantar fascia
    • Therefore, it is important to stretch both the calf and plantar fascia muscles regularly to help reduce this tension
    • At your appointment we will determine which stretches are best for your feet
  3. Low level laser therapy

    • Low level laser therapy aims to reduce inflammation and promote healing in the plantar fascia. It is an effective non-invasive and painless treatment that when used alongside mechanical support and stretching, can help speed up the resolution of your symptoms. We are one of the few practices in Perth and the only practice in Innaloo to offer this treatment to our patients.
  4. Icing, massage and rest

    • Massaging the foot with either a tennis/golf ball or frozen water bottle can help release tightness in the ligament and reduce some of the inflammation.
    • Be sure to make sure you don’t apply ice directly to your skin as this can result in ice burns.

If you are suffering from heel and arch pain it is so important to address your symptoms sooner rather than later. When left for long periods of time it can cause severe pain and even complete tearing of the plantar fascia. Pain is not normal. If you are suffering from heel pain call us at our Innaloo practice on (08) 94461887. Let us help you on your road to recovery.

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