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Effective Treatment of Shin Splints Innaloo

If you have ever suffered from shin splints you know how painful and annoying they can be. Shin splints can manifest in a number of ways but the most common symptoms include sharp and aching pain down the inside of the shin bone which can extend into the inside of the ankle and arch of the foot.

Symptoms are often the result of a combination of training errors and poor foot mechanics which increase the forces exerted on the muscles that run along the shin bone. Over time the symptoms have a tenancy to become more severe, occasionally to the point where you have to give up activity all together.

Luckily there are a number of effective therapies available to help eliminate shin splints, starting with your feet.

  1. Correction of Abnormal foot alignment through custom orthotics

    • One of the first things we do is assess and management abnormal foot alignment or biomechanics
    • If you have a flat or overly high arch, the muscles in your leg have to work alot harder which results in muscle fatigue, cramping and pain
    • When you visit our practice we will do a full assessment of your biomechanics to determine if abnormal foot function is playing a role in your symptoms
    • If you do have abnormal foot mechanics, we can correct it for you with shoe inserts (custom orthotics) that realign your feet and help take the pressure away from the muscles in your legs.
  2. Evaluating the way you train

    • If you have changed training surfaces (from grass to pavement for example), changed your shoes or increased the intensity or duration of activity it can contribute to the development of shin splints
    • It’s extremely common to find that many people who suffer from shin splints have recently changed the way that they train
    • To allow your muscles to adapt to increased levels of activity, it is important to slowly increase the amount of activity you are doing
  3. Muscle tightness

    • Muscle tightness, especially in your calf can increase your risk of shin splints
    • At your appointment we will determine any areas of muscle restriction in your lower leg and then tailor a stretching program to you
  4. Low level laser therapy

    • Low level laser therapy can help calm down inflammed muscles and speed up the healing process
    • Low level laser therapy is a painless and effective way to get you back up and running faster when combined with stretching, modification of training errors and custom foot orthotics.

If you suffer from shin splints it’s important to get an assessment by a Podiatrist to determine if your feet are contributing to your symptoms. Unless you address the underlying reason as to why the symptoms have developed, your chance of re-injury is much higher.

At Cooper and Lourie Family Podiatry, we pride ourselves on assessing the whole picture, not just your feet, so you can return to your activities faster. You can book an appointment at our Innaloo clinic by calling us on 94461887 today!

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