Podiatry Services

Sport Podiatry

Stephanie is qualified to treat a wide range of sports related foot, ankle, leg and knee injuries that can arise as a result of trauma or underlying abnormalities in foot function (such as flat or high arched feet). Some of the sport related conditions she is trained to treat include:

  • Flat or high arched feet
  • Lower leg and foot musculoskeletal strains
  • Foot and ankle ligament sprains
  • Foot, ankle, leg and knee pain
  • Corns and callus
  • Ingrown Nails
  • Plantar warts

Sports Podiatry Services Cooper and Lourie Offer:

  • Low level laser therapy
  • Prescription orthotics
  • Footwear advice
  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation
  • Dry needling and myofascial trigger point therapy
  • Muscle specific stretching and strengthening exercise programmes
  • Strapping and padding with both rigid and functional tape (Rocktape)

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